Seacret Direct Scam? Pyramid Scheme?

Seacret Direct Scam? Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid Scheme? Ponzi? Seacret Direct Scam?


This is the common claim by outsiders that don’t get it or jumped into some random MLM and thought it was a get rich quick opportunity.  You sign up and you’re rich?  Come on, who’s the idiot now?  It’s not the lottery it’s a business.  Seacret is a $200 million+ a year company partnered with the largest cosmetic manufacturer in the world, they don’t scam, all hard work and reward.  You can call Seacret a “Pyramid” if you want, but what isn’t?  However, you can’t call it a scam.


All entities with more than you involved are pyramids!  Yes everything is a pyramid in some form or another, unless you live as a one man show, which means you aren’t leveraging anything or anyone.  Here is an evil pyramid of your common company or worse corporation.

Gosh it’s starting to smell like Occupy Wall Street in here?

May need a shower when this post is finished.



Now let us go look at the “Pyramid Scheme” of the worlds most blessed and favorite company, Apple!  


Oh no look it’s a Pyramid?  Maybe that is why the aliens built the pyramids?  So it would give us a model for future growth?


So let’s look at this “Pyramid”, the Seacret Pyramid, it’s so diabolical that if you have customers and agents buying from you and working under your guidance then you’ve just built a pyramid. Oh good heavens a pyramid!  It’s a Seacret Pyramid!


So let’s compare this to pyramids, since we are talking about the Dead Sea Minerals, let’s look at Egypt, the Jews built the pyramids of Giza for the Pharaoh.  Here we have actual pyramids build by a labor force shaped like a pyramid!  So 4000 years ago the scheming Pharaoh was one of the first to implement this diabolical Idea.  Wait a minute, the Dead Sea is in Israel, Israel built the pyramid, Bernie Madoff was Jewish yes I’m seeing it now!

Now fast forward to modern day.

We have pyramids all over, the government is a pyramid.

Run by the legislature and the executive which are the top of the pyramid and hand down directives to run the departments.  Top down of anything is a pyramid, so sure Social Security might be the only legal Ponzi scheme around it is a great example of a pyramid.

So as you can see companies all have a pyramid shape in the owner or owners that are on the top and make more money that the many on the bottom.  The roll of the people at the top is to manage things and to keep everyone contented at the bottom just enough to stay so they can reap the rewards of the many because they were willing to take the risks and build their own pyramid.  So the key is how to be on top?  Well don’t blink because here it is.

Get on top of our pyramid!  Join my team today as we build this pyramid.  The momentum is ours and I am in, what are you going to do today?  Sit there and pretend you’re so smart and this is some “pyramid” you discovered, vain in your own conceit of “figuring it out”.  That’s fine; you can sit there as the train leaves the station, wondering why your world never changes when you don’t have the courage to get on the train.  Just sit there and play your guitar, wearing your Guy Fawkes mask, getting the change dropped to you from passersby. (funny the pic came from a LOL) But if you want to change your life you’ve got to get on the train.  In this case it’s the Gondola to the top of the pyramid.  The only way to get to the top of the Seacret pyramid is to get in now.

So if you’re motivated and want to execute your own vendetta for success the check out the opportunity Seacret Direct has for you.  Message me and we can set up a skype meeting or phone call to discuss your goals and see how we can get you in the gondola.

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  • DeborahAPeters

    awesome points!! I especially like the “Apple” Pyramid! ;)

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  • honcho

    Pyramid schemes. In the illegal pyramid scheme, investors recruited early are paid with money from investors recruited later, but eventually it becomes impossible to have enough recruits for the payment structure to work, so the scheme collapses and most of the investors lose the money they’ve put in. An “investment strategy” that requires you to invest a large sum of money and recruit others to do the same is probably a pyramid scheme. You can get more information at the Federal Trade Commission’s Tips to Avoid Pyramid Schemes.

  • Sam

    You people aren’t even trying. Deborah wrote a bumped article in favor of Seacret as well in the guise of consumer advice, meanwhile you’re both involved in the business, leave feedback on each other’s articles as if you’re adding insight, and post your phoney sincerity literally one day after one another.

  • Jimi Jazz

    well said!

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